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Whiskey Wednesday with Makena Hartlin – 9.6.17 Headshot

Whiskey Wednesday with Makena Hartlin

September 6, 2017

9:30 PM

The moment Makena Hartlin blended with the music scene, she began climbing the staircase toward success with no signs of stopping. It all began at home, as a young girl, when she found her voice singing along to Disney movies. Even at the age of three, her home setting was not enough to fulfill the passionate desire to perform for audiences. She would sing songs on counter tops at the local banks, for the deli workers in grocery stores, and thrived on her audience’s vibrant applause. As she grew older, she fell deeper in love with music and the art of performance.

Currently, she just debuted her solo EP with renowned producer, Neil Kernon, and continues to perform her music onstage at every opportunity. Her powerful vocals, with a high range and unique clear warm tone, compliment her songs which range from high-energy catchy foot-stompers, to tear-jerking ballads, all lyrical stories with honesty, humor, and the ins and outs, ups and downs of life as we know it. With the power to leave audiences dancing, laughing, singing, or a falling tear, and the passion and drive to give the gift of music to the world, Makena Hartlin has launched a career toward success and “ain’t ready to land”.