Bub City Rosemont

Grace & John – 2.17.19 Headshot

Grace & John

February 17, 2019

12:00 PM

The acoustic duo simply known as ‘Grace & John’ was recently formed in 2017. Comprised of vocalist Grace Beechy and guitarist John Bretzlaff, the music group brings a deep range of experience and skill to their performances. Grace’s most recent accomplishment was finishing as a finalist in ‘The One’, a singing competition hosted by a local Chicago live music venue. John is an accomplished musician with the innate ability to play just about anything and everything. They met through a mutual friend and quickly realized Grace’s strong vocals paired with John’s solid acoustic playing was a unique partnership in the making. Add to this their equally contagious high energy and their mutual desire to entertain an audience, and the result is a fun and enjoyable evening of great music.